Size Guide

What size storage unit do I need?


It’s one of the most common questions we get! So we developed this helpful guide.

What size unit will I need?
5 x 5

Small Walk-in Closet
Small furniture – chest of drawers, chairs; Boxes with business or personal records; Work tools or equipment


5 x 10 / 5 x 15

Large Walk-in Closet / 1-Bedroom Apartment
Some furniture – couch, chairs, dresser, mattress/box spring (without washer/dryer); Boxes; Outdoor furniture; Lawn mowers; Bicycles; Motorcycle


10 x 10 / 10 x 12.5

Half of 1-Car Garage
About half the size of a standard 1-car garage; Fits furniture from a 1-bedroom apartment (without washer/dryer); Boxes; Tools; Small items


10 x 15

1-Car Garage
About the size of a standard 1-car garage; Fits furniture from a 2-3-bedroom house including washer/dryer; Boxes; Business or personal records; Tools or equipment; Small car or truck; Business supplies


10 x 20 / 10 x 25

2-3-Bedroom House
Furniture from a large 2-3-bedroom apartment including washer/dryer; Boxes; Tools or equipment; car; truck; motorcycle; Business supplies; *Some units have front and rear access.*


10 x 30

5-7-Bedroom House
Large, extended storage area with space for any and all of the above; *Front and rear access*